Training on category A (motorcycles) with the availability of category B rights

  1. Legal regulations
  2. The essence of the procedure
  3. Theory check
  4. Driving
  5. Required documents

Having a driver's license allows the owner to control a certain type of transport, depending on the category received. If a class B approval is required for driving a car, you will need to be trained to open category A to drive a motorcycle.

If a class B approval is required for driving a car, you will need to be trained to open category A to drive a motorcycle

Legal regulations

The procedure for obtaining VU periodically undergoes a number of changes. According to the rules, you can only drive a car from the age of 18. Similar age restrictions apply in the case of driving a motorcycle. When necessary, you can get two permissions at once, because it is easiest to open category A when combined with class B resolution.

Please note: if receive category rights M, A1 or B1, it is possible to control only those vehicles that belong to the specified tolerances. But an open type A permit gives the right to drive not only a motorcycle, but also any vehicle from the above categories.

The essence of the procedure

To pass on the right to a motorcycle, you will need to confirm your knowledge. And the exam is not only in theory, but also in the practical part.

You can complete the necessary training in a regular driving school, which has an appropriate department. It is permissible to contact a specialized motorcycle school.

It is permissible to contact a specialized motorcycle school

Theory check

Before passing the practical part, one should demonstrate the obtained theoretical skills. This can be done in one of the traffic police units, or in the place of training.

The entire course of the theoretical part in this category lasts about 110 hours. There is no question of being trained externally (although there was such an opportunity before).

Please note: only those who have recently (less than 3 months ago) passed the theoretical exam for category B are exempted from attending lectures. Often, the temporary restriction makes this rule relevant only to individuals opening both categories at the same time.

Since the rules are the same for all road users, it will not be difficult for a person with driving experience to pass a theoretical exam for category A.

Since the rules are the same for all road users, it will not be difficult for a person with driving experience to pass a theoretical exam for category A


Only those who have passed the theoretical part of the exam can test their skills in practice. But in addition to good results, you must have positive recommendations from your driving instructor.

The specified part of the test includes:

  • Acquaintance with the training ground.
  • Explore different brands of motorcycles.
  • Application of theoretical knowledge gained in practice.

Driving lessons can be more than the law requires (at least 18 hours). In this case, the conditions are negotiated additionally. Moreover, the word "hour" means an astronomical period of time equal to 60 minutes.

The practical part is rented on a specialized motorcycle or automotive platform. There are a number of exercises that are required to perform in order to obtain the rights to a motorcycle. They can be divided into 3 blocks and classified as follows:

  • Acceleration-braking; dimensional semicircle; dimensional corridor.
  • Low speed movement; track board; snake.
  • Dimensional eight.

Dimensional eight

In order for the exam to be counted, it is necessary to show all tasks with minimal errors. For each slip, a certain amount of penalty points is charged. The maximum allowable number is 4. Otherwise, the applicant will be sent for retake.

Violations, as well as the amount of penalty points for each of them, are displayed in the table:


Dipped-beam headlamp is not turned on. Self-damping of the vehicle engine. Touching with a foot

Sudden braking with wheel lock. The turn signal was not given on time Unplanned change in trajectory. Before decreasing speed, the corresponding signal was not given by hand. Driving in one gear Touching guard cones with offset Neutral gear was not activated after stopping the vehicle Speed ​​was not low enough when this was required by the delivery of the standard. The turn signal (turn) was not filed. Stop well before the stop line (40 cm and more). Arrival or intersection of the stop line.

Driving is surrendered on the site. There is no need to travel to the city for an exam for this category. After all parts of the exam have been successfully passed, the student is entitled to receive category A.

If the applicant did not cope with any task, he is assigned a retake date. This usually happens in a week. It is allowed to try the exam in the practical part for 6 months. This is stated in paragraph 12 of the Government Decree No. 1097. The basic rule is to successfully complete theoretical testing.

Required documents

To issue the appropriate driver's license, you must provide some paper to the traffic police department:

  1. Statement. His sample can be found on our website or in the traffic police department.
  2. Proof of identity (usually a passport).
  3. Paper from the driving school, indicating the passage of all stages of training.
  4. Medical certificate.
  5. Receipt of payment of state duty.
  6. Previously issued driver's license.
  7. Photos in the amount of 2 pieces (depending on the division, are made on site).

The candidate may be denied the right to be issued or replaced in some cases. Here they are:

  • Insufficient number of documents submitted.
  • Any papers are unreliable.
  • Poor health.
  • The applicant was deprived of the rights for a category already open to him.

Getting a new permit, having a valid driver's license in your hands, is a snap. To open category A in the presence of B, you must fulfill a number of specific conditions. It is possible to simplify this procedure as much as possible if you open simultaneously two permissions (A and B).