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Hello! Today we will talk about replacing the cabin filter VAZ 2114 .
The filter itself cabin on cars VAZ 2114 was installed from the factory only in the configuration "Suite". However, the cabin filter on the VAZ 2114 is just one name. Filter it can only be called with a very big stretch. The fact is that this filter is a small plastic frame, which is covered from above with padding. This filter protects from dust very poorly, but copes with leaves and other large dirt perfectly. I think all the owners of Lada Samara and Samara-2 are familiar with the sound of rustling leaves coming from the stove during its operation. And sometimes these leaves just fly out of the air ducts in the face of the driver or passengers. This happens when the filter is not installed at all. In such cases, you need to remove foliage from the air ducts and install a new cabin filter. Here we will talk about this in today's article.
The first thing we need is a cabin filter. It can be purchased at any auto parts store or at our online store.
Looks cabin filter VAZ 2114 like this:
Now open the hood and find in the center of the plastic casing of the heater stove. If you have not installed a cabin filter , then this casing is best dismantled to clean the stove from the foliage and other dirt. It is convenient to use in this case a vacuum cleaner. Then install the casing in place and insert the cabin filter.

If you have already installed the cabin filter VAZ 2114 and you plan to simply replace it, then disconnect the springs that secure it to the casing and replace it with a new one. The work takes only a few minutes and does not require any tools.
Everything! On this replacement cabin filter VAZ 2114 is over! In order to improve performance, it is recommended to install the VAZ 2114 cabin filter adapter on your car. This is a special device that allows installing a new model VAZ 2110 car filter on all Lada Samara models. We'll talk about installing such an adapter in the article - installing the cabin filter adapter in the VAZ 2114.
And now we offer you to watch the replacement video of the cabin filter VAZ 2114 , in which everything is clearly shown:

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